Twelve Reasons to Buy Land Now – Reason Number 9

The Land Market Cycle or the Economic Cycle

The oldest advice for making money through investments is “buy low and sell high”.  Unfortunately, most investors do the reverse.  They buy in the excitement of the peak of the market and then get nervous and sell in the trough of the collapse that invariably follows:

Therefore, the very best investments are made in the trough of an economic cycle, not at the peak.  We’re in the trough.  Our database indicates that we are in the bottom of the land market cycle and that this is the time to purchase.

Purchasing today means the following benefits for an investor:

  1. There is a significant variety of properties from which to choose;
  2. The prices are lower than they have been for a period of years;
  3. There is less competition from other buyers.

That combination means that you should be able to make an excellent purchase of an excellent piece of land today at a very reasonable price.  The critical part is understanding that not all tracts of land are the same, much less equal in terms of potential values.

We believe that those investors who buy good tracts of land today will look exceptionally brilliant in five years.  Let us help you.  We enjoy making our clients look brilliant.