Twelve Reasons to Buy Land Now – Reason Number 6

Population Growth is a Positive

Most of my business career, the anti-population growth forces have gained in power.  Today they often dominate, if not control, every discussion on economic growth and land use.  That is unfortunate.

Being a country boy, I had concerns as I grew up and started my career about population growth.  However, I visited Texas in 1987 and ’88 during the height of the Savings and Loan crisis.  From those trips and study, I realized that no growth and negative growth was a whole lot worse problem than the issues associated with population growth.

Today, the United States is one of the few developed countries in the world that is having population growth.  Although the number of babies born each year has declined from the peak of just a few years ago because of the recession.. our USA population continues to grow and that is a positive force in our USA economy.

The Census Bureau suggests that because of population growth in the 47 years between 2003 and 2050, the United States will need to replicate all the houses, utility systems, and commercial properties that were built between 1607 when Captain John Smith placed his foot on the ground in Jamestown, Virginia, and 1950.  Our children will save us…

While land in general will benefit from what is ahead of us, well located land will benefit even more than other tracts.  In fact, over my almost 40 year career there has been no better investment than well located land.  Well located means that it will particularly benefit from the growth that is going to occur.

We believe that those investors who buy good tracts of land today will look exceptionally brilliant in five years.  Let us help you.  We enjoy making our clients look brilliant.