The Wuhan Virus Will Impact the Land Market – Week 5

RISKS vs. Rewards

A Demented Lust for Power

Years ago, one of my land broker friends shared with me that when he and his wife got married, they decided that:

  1. He would make the BIG decisions; and
  2. His wife would let him know which decisions were the BIG ones.

There is no doubt that the Wuhan Virus is BIG, both a serious and historic event. We are witnessing businesses of all sizes struggle. Millions of small businesses are trying to obtain the funds they so desperately need to keep their businesses open and staff employed. Combining the efficiency of capitalism (banks) and the size of government (SBA), the Trump Administration made the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) part of the $2.4 Trillion stimulus package Congress passed before they fled DC. Not perfect, but it is an absolutely brilliant solution.

There was so much demand for the PPP money that the SBA used its entire $350 Billion allocation in 1.7 million loans in less than two weeks. Unfortunately, an enormous number of small businesses were not able to obtain money before the funds were exhausted. Senator McConnell and the Republicans in the U. S. Senate weeks ago saw what was happening and tried to solve it by expanding the program by adding another $250 Billion.

For weeks the Democrats blocked that effort and then saved face by adding more money to other programs which do not need more money. It gave them the right to go to their media and blame the Republicans for the delay. But the contrast in values was starkly obvious.

From their behavior, it appears that Democrats exist for two reasons:

  1. To teach us about “Never waste a crisis (to build your power base)”; and
  2. To let the rest of us know when they think a problem is BIG enough to be a “Crisis”.

I thought it was BIG enough to be a “Crisis” that millions of small businesses needed money due to their compliance with the government’s request to “Shelter in Place” to save millions of American lives by not overwhelming our hospitals. Stupid me, “Deplorable” again.

Fortunately for us “Deplorables” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi hiding in her San Francisco mansion took time from “Never waste a crisis to expand your power base” to stand in front of her TWO HUGE commercial freezers and instruct us how we should “Shelter in Place” like a Democrat… Eat Designer Ice Cream.

It does sound simple. It would be low stress. I really like ice cream … although at my age my body prefers non-fat ice cream and yogurt. Do you think “Designer Ice Cream” is the elites’ sophisticated, wealthy, San Francisco, Democrat way to refer to non-fat ice cream? How does homemade ice cream fit in this equation? Is homemade the Deplorable’s designer ice cream?

I do not even know what is “Designer Ice Cream” much less whether I have ever eaten any. Probably not. It is embarrassing enough to admit that as a Deplorable, small businessman I thought the shortage of PPP funds for small businesses was a “BIG Crisis” while Nancy and the Democrats showed us it is nothing but an opportunity to … Eat Designer Ice Cream.

Will Rogers once wrote that “We Americans have the best politicians money can buy”. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah. Pass the ice cream. Please make mine non-fat. Any hot chocolate syrup?

Do you remember one of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Here is Ned Massie’s Law of Life – “Every action has ripple effects that often are larger in sum than the initial action and always are unpredictable”. I doubt it will make me famous. But it works, which is more than can be said for either Democrats in Congress or Chinese tests for the Wuhan Virus.

Last week we discussed my Best-Case Scenario (Larry Kudlow’s forecast) and my Worst-Case Scenario (the “Xi Recession” which will be the greatest economic collapse in the history of the world with full recovery in two years).

Demented with their Lust for Power, the Democrats and their public relations arm, sometimes called the “mainstream media”, have attempted three coups against Trump:

  1. The Russian influence hoax during the 2016 campaign;
  2. The Russian Collusion/Robert Mueller “How to waste two years and $30+Million of taxpayers money to ruin some folks lives but find nothing”;
  3. The tin dictatorship, pseudo-impeachment that culminated in February 2020.

The Democrats and their media have relentlessly attacked Trump in an effort to destroy his image in the world. Less noticed is the fact that the Democrats have consistently denied Trump his appointees to the Federal bureaucracy. There is a time limit on the length of time an “Acting” person can fill a position, so Trump has had to rotate “Acting” folks faster than relief-pitchers in the seventh game of the World Series. Trump has never had a full team of his players and is surrounded by the record number of Obama appointees installed after the 2016 election.

What lesson can be learned from Trump’s amazing track record in spite of the unprecedented barriers and unrelenting, intense abuse forced on him by the Democrats and their media?

  1. Thinking the Democrats had weakened Trump, China decided to attack the USA with a bio-weapon in order to become the Hegemon, a status they lust to achieve.
  2. China’s Plan B is to help defeat Trump in 2020 by causing a Pandemic with the Wuhan Virus in order to cause the Xi Recession.
  3. There is a reason that the words Demented, Demonic, and Democrat all are spelled similarly.
  4. I vote for all three of the choices above.

Enough visiting, the topic today is RISK.

The #1 RISK we face is that the Democrats are demented by their lust for “Power”, their idol, and do not care that the stakes of this game they are playing goes way beyond keeper marbles. “Get out of my way little people, we are playing for BIG stakes.”

We can quantify the cost of Nancy and the Democrats “Let them eat designer ice cream” and “Never waste a crisis to build your power base” in an effort to finally succeed with a coup:

  1. The extra delay means that an enormous number of main street small businesses are now toast and those entrepreneurs are ruined, not to mention the pain of their former staff.
  2. That means the “Xi Recession” will be deeper than forecasted last week.
  3. Plus, the economic recovery will take longer (especially if Biden is in charge).
  4. With the delay in the additional PPP, my understanding is the maker of Nancy Pelosi’s designer ice cream has closed and filed bankruptcy. Sorry Nancy, try homemade now.

But if their 4th coup attempt succeeds, the Democrats will have accomplished three goals:

  1. Gotten rid of Trump (proving that Practice make Perfect, but there is a huge future cost).
  2. Built “Bigger Government” –Fund everything? Check Venezuela for the outcome.
  3. Demonstrated their power by “Never wasting a crisis to build their power base.”

By her actions Nancy says those three are the “BIG Crisis” and what happens to the little folks is simply not important. Ned Massie’s Law of Life and the Bible both give a different answer. One of us is seriously wrong. My suggestion …“Cinch up your saddle really tight, this ride will be memorable.”

One of my favorite historical people, the Apostle Paul, wrote:

“For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.”
(1 Corinthians 1:25 New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

If you see a Democrat, suggest they dust off their Bibles and read Exodus 20:1-17 and the Book of 2 Kings. They should pay REALLY close attention to Exodus 20:1-3.

I serve an awesome God who is in control, not any idol. Thank you Lord.
Stay healthy,

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