The Wuhan Virus Will Impact the Land Market – Week 13

Risks vs. REWARDS

The Best Investment in Infrastructure – Universal Broadband


Last week in San Francisco the protestors/rioters/vandals (PRVs) tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant. Do you think they finally realized their mistakes with the Confederate Generals, Columbus, Cortez, etc.? Practice does make perfect.

My first reaction to Grant’s statue was to laugh. Loudly. Actually, a gut shaking, full throated, rattle the house laugh. After recovering, a huge smile appeared on my face as I wondered if veterans of the Army of Northern Virginia were cheering from Heaven. Do you think the thunder we heard that evening was one last Rebel Yell? Then I tried to decide who has been shown to be the most stupid:

  1. The politicians who catering to mobs have been played by the PRVs who pretended to be serious about the tragic death of Mr. Floyd but obviously were just out to raise … Hell;
  2. The opinion media, formerly called journalists, who got totally played by the PRVs;
  3. Or the PRVs that confirmed their absolute, total lack of knowledge of history.

History is critically important because it helps us to determine the direction we are traveling and how far we have come. Without a knowledge of history, we cannot measure progress. No one can change history, only learn from it. It was fun to hear Senator Kaine declare that the South invented slavery. That confirmed his lack of both knowledge of history and familiarity with The Bible. Timmy, blow the dust off your Bible or go ask your history professor wife. Perhaps someone will remind Timmy of Mark Twain’s comment “It is better to remain silent and appear stupid than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”. Too late.

How about the Mayor of Seattle, a typical gun control, open borders liberal, Democratic. She described as “patriots” having a “summer of love” the PRVs that seized part of her city, kicked out the police, erected walls, patrolled those walls with AR-15s, and seceded from the USA establishing CHAZ, CHOP, AZ or some other name of the day for their kingdom. Rape, murder, fire, and racketeering are happening in that portion of Seattle. The current count is 2 dead, more wounded, with vigilante justice. The mayor is happy, she just cut the police budget.

Talk about delusional, what about the mayor of Olympia, Washington.  Another Democrat, she just won election against a conservative Republican. This mayor knelt with the PRVs and happily announced that the City Council would cut the police budget by $15 Million reallocating those funds to community services.  Hooray, applause by the media, and hugs all around. Then the PRVs decided $15 Million was not enough so they went to her personal home to deface, trash, and burn it. The man she defeated for Mayor was the one who stood up to the PRVs talking them out of burning down the mayor’s house. There is an adult in Olympia. Meantime, the mayor demanded the police, whose budget she cut, go arrest the PRVs calling them “terrorists”.  I have always heard a conservative is a liberal that got mugged.

It makes no difference their personal feelings about the statues on Monument Avenue or anywhere else, no one has the right to deface them. In Richmond the PRVs have turned a beautiful, internationally acclaimed avenue in our community into a garbage dump. The mayor decided the riots were the fault of the Chief of Police. Not to be outdone, the governor attacked the statues. The guv is good at attacking those that cannot fight back, statues and infants. Would you use “tough and strong” to describe either the mayor or governor?  Me neither.

I believe the police need to find the individuals that defaced that statues and issue them toothbrushes and paint remover. “Enjoy your summer. When it is pristinely clean, you are finished”. That would be accountability. But accountability occurs with adults as leaders. And police officers have to be supported not used as a target.

The Democrats controlling the Virginia state government for the first time in decades and the City of Richmond deserve to be congratulated for the speed in which they converted a thriving southern city and state into a third world complete with vigilante “Protection Patrols” such as Jay, Lewis, and BB pictured in the Monday, June 22, 2020, Richmond Times-Dispatch. What a great business recruiting tool…for some where else. Of course, Democrats do not care about businesses, just raising taxes. They should be proud of their success in reversing forty years of gentrification in Richmond in 30 days!  My suggestion to repair this debacle is for all the Democrats to resign.  Of course, it requires an adult to have a sense of shame. Bummer.

Adults know that you cannot ever satisfy a mob.  Living in a combination “Alice in Wonderland” and “1984” world, it is obvious that adult leaders are absent. Accountability is a key characteristic of real adults, but not those who simply survived long enough that their chronological age puts them in running. I pray accountability occurs at the ballot box.

Accountability is something President Xi of China is learning about. The Chinese economy is in serious trouble. “Re-shoring” events are gaining steam and will worsen China’s economy. Xi’s Ambassador just suggested China would live up to its Phase I trade agreement IF the USA would be “nice” to China saying the USA and China are too closely tied together to decouple. What he meant is that the workers paradise in China cannot feed its people, they are communist.

His comments sound like a group hug request from the Wuhan Virus President. Not interested. I want a tax program that pays USA companies to remove their facilities and supply chains home. Sorry Xi, it has been “real”. Nothing lasts forever, baby, and this experiment was a mistake. We are done. Fini. By the way, here is the bill for the expenses from your Wuhan Virus including death benefits to the survivors of the 400,000 folks you killed. Accountability.

People and businesses migrate to communities where they are wanted and safe. Where they move will enjoy prosperity and where they leave will fail. That migration will maximize the impact on the land market from the coming surge in demand for industrial buildings and new homes. Now that we have experienced a decade of change in two months, here is another “new normal”:

  1. Fewer folks will work in offices IF they have broad band and can work remotely.
  2. Migration from urban areas to suburbia and maybe rural towns has already started with the lawless chaos in Democratic controlled states and cities, CHOP, etc.
  3. That migration will ACCELERATE like a Space X rocket if there is access to broadband.

In 2009, Obama passed a stimulus bill of $900 Billion. Because of his narcissism the key opportunity to actually benefit the USA was ignored – constructing broadband to serve all of America. The pattern is the Rural Electrification Act during The Great Depression. When built, a national broadband system connecting every home and business will pay enormous dividends to the USA economy for decades. It will also enhance the migration from urban areas.

But the construction of a national broadband system requires a leader focused on benefiting America not destroying it. The simple unfortunate fact is that today’s Democratic Party is only focused on “Never waste a crisis to build your power base”.  It craves crises to achieve that goal.

True leaders do not chase mob popularity, because mobs are never satisfied. Our country is paying for electing slick incompetents. Therefore, we are living in a period of history similar to what is described in 2 Kings, when leaders are only focused on their idols of wealth and power.

None of us are prefect. We all make mistakes. But my Lord and Savior brings great things out of disastrous experiences for those who love him. Live by these words of the Apostle Paul:

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I reasoned like a child: when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways.”

(1 Corinthians 13:11    New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

Next week, the conclusion of the series on the “REWARDS” coming from the Wuhan Virus.  We will then discuss economic trends as we move through July and August.  I expect those two months to be full of economic events that will impact the land market.

Capitalism builds wealth, socialism consumes it in self destruction.

I serve an awesome God.  Stay healthy,