Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Week 9

2020 – Something Big is Afoot. Are You Prepared?

Political Forces Impact the Land Market – A Decision or a Crisis?

On Monday I am scheduled for outpatient elective surgery and have been told to take some time off or face having the surgery again. The doctor thought twice was a good idea, but I do not share his enthusiasm. Since I am preparing this on Friday, August 28, 2020, and the economic situation is so fluid, this blog will not reflect some events before it is published.

As a young man, I often wondered about the quality described as “Wisdom”. I noticed whenever I was faced with what felt like a huge decision, I usually found myself looking for advice. It is easy to find “stupid” advice, but I preferred “wise” advice, which comes from someone who has “Wisdom”. Finding someone a little smarter than me was never hard. Finding Wisdom was key.

Now that I am 71 years of age, I am convinced that Wisdom is the result of meaningful experience over time. Experience is not just longevity because fifty years of one year’s experience does not equate to Wisdom. Meaningful experience is found with folks that have actually accomplished something in their lives, the “Been there, Done it” sorts. Wisdom is measured by results.

The two political party conventions are now over. The contrast was remarkable. The result of the efforts of those two political parties over the next nine weeks will have an enormous impact on our economy including the land market. Here is my summary and you get to decide if there is any Wisdom being shared.

Democratic Party Convention:

I did not watch it but read extensively from a variety of sources about it. Apparently, the Democratic Convention described the USA as existing in darkness, a terminal case, and they were the party bringing the “Light”. Once again, they debated the use of “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and elsewhere. As the party in favor of abortion and supportive of infanticide, euphemistic phrases for killing babies, the denial of God is consistent. One cannot believe in God and yet also believe they can play god. Apparently, none of the Democrats are familiar with Luke 17:2. They need to dust off their Bibles, read that scripture, and adjust.

From what I read and the videos I watched, Democratic values are being displayed when:
1. The cities they lead have evolved into the equivalent of middle-eastern combat zones;
2. This is consistent with their embrace of self-described Marxists (BLM/M4BL), and self-described communists (Democratic Socialists of America);
3. The Biden-Harris platform calling for Trillions of Dollars in increased taxes;
4. And calls for increased regulatory burdens to force us into the Green New Deal which is actually a Really Stupid Idea;
5. Political Correctness, simply a form of bullying using mob rule, is the norm.

It is accurate to describe the Democratic Party as dark because there is absolutely, no “Light” present except for the fires in Portland, Seattle, New York, Baltimore, Denver, Minneapolis, etc. The one word I would use to describe Democratic Party values is HATE.

Republican Party Convention:

I did watch some of the Republican Convention because I read so many articles about two speeches (Mr. Alvarez, a former Cuban, and Ms. Dorn, the widow of Captain Dorn ) as well as the use of technology with a series of short testimonials. The few I saw described how President Trump actually achieved his goals rather than just talk about someone should do them. In my life, he is unique in accomplishing an amazing number of his campaign promises.

Perhaps career politicians hate him because he has broken their money machine:
1. Trump is solving problems rather than raising money off of them for decades.
2. Trump accomplished things the career politicians and their supportive media said were impossible – replaced NAFTA with the USMCVA, cut taxes, rebuilt the economy so it was growing at 3% (the Democrats said that was impossible, be happy with 1.5%), the lowest unemployment rate in history, before the Wuhan Virus hit us.

It was obvious that Trump is focused on what is best for the average American family rather than the elitist’s attitude that we average Joes and Janes are too stupid to make any decisions so the government needs to make them for us. That is the pattern of the data points.

The other differences are the result of the Christian faith being applied. Trump is Pro-Life, people are important not an inconvenience, and the American Dream is alive. The short videos I watched were impressive but dwarfed by the Thump Administration’s accomplishments.

What is even more remarkable is that the Trump Administration accomplished so much despite the incessant, unfounded, and illegal attacks by the Democratic leaders and their media cohorts:
1. Obama weaponized our security agencies to attack Trump while a candidate;
2. Obama burdened the incoming Trump Administration appointing opponent activists;
3. The Russian Collusion Hoax;
4. The attempted coup with the Mueller Investigation;
5. The “Impeachment for Giggles” – a long term disaster for our country.

The incessant unfounded attacks continue to this day. I pray that one day we will know what it was that Obama and Biden did while in office that they needed to bury by attempting a coup against Trump. What do you think they did? The behavior says you should triple it.

Democrats continued their “Never waste a Crisis” by passing “emergency” $25 Bn legislation for the post office which has $15 Bn in cash on hand. All theatre. Their next crisis will be the massive fraud from the mail in ballots. In Virginia alone, 500,000 “erroneous” ballots were sent out to dead folks, pets, and duplicates. At that rate, 50 states means 25 million fraudulent ballots. Their lust for power has no limits. This is beyond dangerous.

Meanwhile, the global economy’s wheels keep turning. Among the important items that happened this week that could impact the land market were:

1. The European Banks have now all announced restructuring plans including sharp cuts in staff and other fixed expenses. They have to get lean and profitable in order to write off bad loans so they can be effective vehicles of growth in their economies. Whenever they exit the zombie stage, it will mean European money flows back to Europe putting pressure on our interest rates or forcing The Fed into more QE.
2. The Chinese Communist Party declared that everything was fine with the Three Gorges Dam even as they announced evacuations downstream. That means the bulges shown by aerial photos of the dam are worse than it looks and the risk of failure is high. American engineers visiting the site during construction questioned the rebar being used and were ushered out of the country as “Racists”. When the dam breaks, an 80-foot-tall wall of water moving in excess of 100 mph will wash down steam wiping out major cities and about 48 % of the Chinese industrial production. There will be ripple effects.
3. China’s largest residential high-rise developer who funds its developments by requiring purchasers to buy their unbuilt units with down payments of 33% and begin making monthly payments, announced it is having problems. Watch the ripple effects.
4. In Virginia, the Democrats have total control of the House of Delegates and Senate plus the Governor so they can pass anything without debate. They have embraced Marxists (BLM) and communists (Democratic Socials of America, DSA). One of the DSA members authored a bill in the current “Special Session” to defund the State Police because he was tear gassed at a BLM riot. Consistency is a virtue.

I will be reading more this week as I stay quiet and recuperate. So, I look forward to sharing with you what I learn and how it will impact the land market and the general economy. Wisdom:

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves. Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.”

(Philippians 2: 3 – 4 New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

Capitalism builds wealth, socialism consumes it in self destruction. I serve an awesome God. With God on our side, who can stand against us.

Stay healthy,

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