Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Week 29

2021 – Something Big is Still Afoot.  Are You Prepared?

The End … or, The Beginning?

On Monday, January 25, 2021, Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge ruled that the Virginia Board of Elections illegally adopted a rule in August of 2020 that would have allowed mail in ballots without a postmark to be counted up to three days after the November presidential election.

This decision went unreported in any major media but was a critical decision because it prohibits the activity that occurred in the eight swing states in the recent election AND demonstrates that the behavior in those swing states was illegal.  In other words, Trump actually won those eight states and therefore the election.

About seven months ago when data points indicated that something momentous was occurring, we began this series of blogs.  During this historic period, we have moved from a feeling of concern about the data pattern, to dread, then to despair at witnessing evil appear to prevail, and now to the realization that today marks a Beginning not an End.

Unexpected was my increase in admiration for President Donald Trump.  The incessant, slanted, unfounded attacks on him and his family by the media, political establishment, and the federal government bureaucracy referred to as The Deep State were unforgivable.  Yet President Trump accomplished more in four years than any other president accomplished in eight years.  In fact, he made those previous presidents look like kindergarteners compared to a real man.

In my opinion, here are the five most important items he accomplished in his term:

  • He made honorable peace not war. – His five Mideast peace treaties were not based on bribing the participants with American taxpayer money. Historic. No new wars were started.
  • He returned America to a position of strength both by funding the reconstruction of our military destroyed by an America hating Obama and enabled America to be energy independent with the Keystone Pipeline plus the rejection of the totally idiotic and financially damaging to Americans, the Paris Green Energy Accord.
  • He enabled the American middle class to have hope that middle class jobs and income would return by renegotiating flawed treaties like NAFTA into the USMCA and confronting the Global Elites who prefer China continuing to hollow out America in return for cheap stuff at Walmart.
  • He got the 2017 Tax Act passed which is so brilliant one has to wonder how it ever made it through Congress. Of course, the Republicans did control Congress in 2017.
  • Most important, He displayed how a real leader cares about the average Joe and Jane in America. He is the only President in my life that lost money serving in that office while suffering abuse thereby exposing the horrendous level of corruption in DC. In fact, he cared so much for Americans that he suffered four years of every abuse the Demented Democrat Marxists and their propaganda machine could fling at him including sedition by Obama, Biden, and their lapdogs in the federal bureaucracy and media.  President Trump by comparison those who attacked him appear as shallow, cutout, caricatures of humans.

The best measurement of the envy of his opponents is that:

  1. He suffered two “Impeachments for Giggles” which served only to expose the Democrats as being demented by their lust for power and the wealth received from selling influence.
  2. Because his votes exceeded the Demented Marxists (DM) forecasts, the 2020 vote fraud had to be huge and hurried so it became obvious to anyone who looked at the facts.

What the DM’s have not fully taken into account despite the use of 25,000 National Guard solders posted to DC to preserve their fraudulent positions is that the vast majority of adult Americans now know:

  1. The horrendous level of corruption in our government.
  2. The Anti – American corruption in the media and some technology companies.
  3. Our American economic system is being destroyed by various Anti-American groups.

Our Constitution establishes that our government exists solely “with the consent of the governed.”  Does the absence of an honest election therefore mean the absence of consent?   If a fraudulent election means a fraudulent government, are decisions made by a fraudulent government worthless?  The DM seem to be in control because they are sitting in the various chairs of government.

But now that the majority realizes the extent of the corruption in DC and the position of the DM’s and Global Elites, the amazing power of capitalism is unleashed.  The first casualty was Disney which has suffered the loss of enormous wealth buying Fox and turning it into a propaganda mill.  Twitter has taken a serious financial hit. Watch Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon take hits.  In that vein, our new series starting next week will be entitled – “Game On”.

I did not invest any time in Biden’s faux installation ceremony in a tin dictatorship setting.  His call for “Unity” became empty words when he signed his first Executive Orders.  Unlike Trump who was a man of his word, when dealing with DMs watch their actions because their words are like the misdirection used by magicians.

The most important happening on January 20 was that Biden burst the economic bubble of the USA economy with his Executive Orders.  Beginning in 2022 there will be a serious recession.  The DMs led by the same academics that failed during Obama’s reign will try to keep the party going by forcing more sugar into the USA economy with accommodation by The Fed continuing to do their massive Quantitative Easing (QE).  Among the signs of nervousness among the faux Administration was Janet Yellen’s comment about wanting a strong American Dollar.  That implies higher interest rates which is another seed of a Recession.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline was another enormous mistake.  Among its negative effects will be the elimination of our recent energy independence under President Trump.  Biden’s desire to return to the Paris Green Energy Accord will initially cost the USA $1 Trillion.  But the combination of these two quite stupid actions will initially mean higher gas prices (increasing inflation and diminishing household money to be spent elsewhere) and then higher electricity prices.  More seeds of a Recession.  The Biden Harris Recession will combine with inflation, a condition known as Stagflation (a stagnant economy with inflation). The Fed has no bullets left so there is no calvary to send.   The middle class (DMs do not care about Clingers, Deplorables, and Chumps) will take another hit and the Recession will have to burn itself out.   Depression?

The next time some idiot suggests that Green Energy is best for us, remind them that Germany took the bait for Green Energy via the Paris Accords which resulted in their electricity prices increasing by 400% and Brownouts.  Germany is now building coal fired electricity generating plants to obtain a stable source of electricity.  The DMs want us to follow Germany.  Really?

The canary in the mine is the 10-year Treasury.  Despite The Fed’s QE the 10 Year Treasury has increased significantly since the election as foreign capital leaves the USA.  Investors recognize the train wreck of stagflation being created by Biden/Harris.  When global currency traders figure out that the Chinese Yuan is Fool’s Gold, that will be another crisis but currently China is benefiting from capital fleeing the USA.

This spring we will begin to see the economic impact of the Wuhan Virus shutdown as foreclosures and bankruptcies begin to hit the real estate and the financial markets. The pain will be increased by the economic uncertainty created by the Faux Administration.

The current land market – commercial land is soft and industrial land will soften under Biden since there will be little re-shoring of our industries back to the USA as folks like Hunter Biden profit from selling our remaining industries to China.  Residential land is a bubble, and rural land is price sensitive. The amount of cash sitting on the sidelines is at a record $5.9 Trillion because in an insured bank account the principle is preserved.  It as a “Reflection of Fear.”

“Indeed, all who want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.  But wicked people and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving others and being deceived”.

(Timothy 3: 12-13   New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

History indicates that a great piece of land remains The Best investment long term.  Capitalism builds wealth, Marxism/Socialism consumes it in self destruction.  Pray for the Patriots and a return to honest elections in the USA with God leading us back to being the light of Christianity and freedom to the world.   God is in control.  Men may make plans, but God always wins.

Stay healthy,


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