Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Week 21

2020 – Something Big is Afoot.  Are You Prepared?


Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the blessings we have received during the year. On the surface, that was difficult this year because of the constant series of crises and ever-present turmoil that occurred during 2020. It has been a memorable year so far and it is not over… yet.

My Thanksgiving Day walk started with me distraught over the recent election because of the massive amount of fraud that occurred. If I am on the losing side of an honest contest, that is acceptable. But if the other side cheated causing me to lose, I am in the camp with Sidney Powell where Kraken needs to be released. Simply stated, our country exists ONLY because of honest elections. Restated, fraudulent elections equal illegal government. At my age, I try to pick my fights but I am willing to die on that hill. This election, Kraken needs to be unleashed.

During my walk I spoke with a neighbor going on an early morning bicycle ride. Our conversation was about another family in the community that had three sons in an accident some months ago. Two have recovered fully but the youngest son was severely brain damaged. My friend had received an email from the father of the three boys stating his advice to everyone was to hug their family and anyone who thought they had experienced a bad year should call him. That put everything in perspective.

As I continued my walk, I started listing the many benefits I had experienced in 2020 despite the pandemic.  In addition to the normal personal ones, my list of blessings include:

  1. The thousands of Americans across the USA, both Democrats and Republicans, that recognized the fraudulent vote that occurred in the recent election and have been volunteering their time and data/technological expertise to address it because too many of the FBI are compromised. True Patriots.
  2. The civilian attorneys (including Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, The Amstead Project) that have stepped into the breach to file the necessary lawsuits to address the fraud because our Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys are compromised. True Patriots.
  3. The small, mostly electronic and a few print media companies (WND, OAN, Newsmax, Parler, MeWe, Rumble) that have carried the load of providing facts to their readers and viewers while the so called Main Stream Media have ignored the biggest news story in 150 years because of their apparent bias, conflicting politics, or simply corruption.
  4. The same small electronic media that have worked to provide factual information to their viewers and readers while Twitter and Facebook have regularly blocked conservative organizations and Zuckerberg reportedly gave $350M in personal funds to encourage the purchase of the flawed machines and software used to perpetuate the vote fraud.
  5. That the judges and other public officials that are corrupt are being exposed so that they can be dealt with appropriately and our government can be made righteous so it once again serves the citizens.
  6. And most importantly, that my Lord and Savior is on the side of the Patriots. With Him on our side, who can stand against us.

Those that invested and participated in the election fraud include China, Iran, and other countries; international companies like Twitter and Facebook; and the Democratic Party which is dominated by the Marxists in its membership. Dishonest elections result in Socialist/Communist governments like Venezuela and China. Biden’s nominees for his cabinet are dominated by those who believe China should be the Hegemon, which may explain why they are so willing to profit by selling America to them.

Fortunately, God plus one is a super majority. In fact, in a contest God prefers His people to be outnumbered so that there is no question about the source of the victory. Perhaps we are witnessing such an event. I pray so daily. If you love freedom, pray for the Patriots.

Based on the facts and the opinions I have read, it appears that Trump got so many votes the Democrats and their foreign masters had to manually adjust the Dominion computers and then call a time out from vote counting to get more fraudulent ballots delivered to the vote counting centers. Did the Trump Tsunami carry California? One day we will know, I think he did.

My suggestion is that you make some popcorn and watch this drama unfold. This is not just big, it is HUGE.  The future of the USA is at stake because without fair and honest elections our government is illegal. I believe it was Terry McAuliffe as governor that installed in Virginia the corrupt Dominion machines and corrupt software sold by companies are owned by Democrats. Is anyone really surprised that only Democrat candidates benefit?

While the election drama continues to unfold in our country, the global economy continues to function. The current vote of global capital is against a Biden presidency and it should be. The increase in yield of the 10-year Treasury from 0.65% to over 0.90% is a bad trend. That increase occurred in the face of The Fed doing Quantitative Easing (QE) in a record amount of $120 Billion per month, a 50% increase over the rate of QE during The Great Recession. Combine it with the U.S. Dollar falling against most currencies and you should begin to get cautious.

Before Thanksgiving Day, China sold its first negative interest rate bonds in Euros. If someone is dumb enough to pay you to borrow their money, why not? Also, several Chinese companies owned by Chinese cities and the Chinese government defaulted on their bonds. Some of those companies moved key assets out of the borrower companies before defaulting. China’s central bank increased liquidity in the Chinese financial system to compensate for the defaults. That does not help the bond holders who got stiffed. Sooner or later, the global currency traders will figure out that the Chinese Yuan is Fool’s Gold.

Until then, China is benefiting from capital fleeing the USA. Reported accusations by the Ukrainian government that Biden received a financial benefit (kickback) from the $1 Billion we American taxpayer gave them combined with his family’s documented Chinese financial partnerships should scare Americans. What else is on Hunter Biden’s laptop that disappeared into the bowls of the FBI like Anthony Weiner’s laptop?  Such behavior is not consistent with the global image of an honest American government. Not just sad, DANGEROUS.

We continue to share with our clients the following scenario for a Biden -Harris Administration:

  1. Until June 2021, the USA economy is already baked – some challenges in the spring but good.
  2. However, nine months after the passage of the first Biden platform item is a Recession.
  3. The more items on the Biden-Harris platform that become law, the worse that Recession:
  4. Since the Fed is tapped out, the greatest probability is this Recession will be SEVERE.

Stocks and bonds are fully priced. The increase in the 10-year Treasuries interest rate means whoever was holding 10-year Treasuries just lost a lot of money. The amount of cash sitting on the sidelines has increased since March from $4 Trillion to $5.9 Trillion. In an insured bank account that cash will not earn any return but short term the principle is preserved.

This economic “Bubble” was created by the historic combination of stimulus coursing its way through our economy. Per our data bases, in central Virginia the land market is active but price sensitive. The residential land market is red hot because The Fed is forcing mortgage rates below 3%. When either The Fed or capital flight out of the USA results in increased interest rates, the residential market will cool down. Commercial land is in flux and industrial land is softening because under Biden there will be little re-shoring of our industries back to the USA as Hunter Biden and others profit from selling our industries to China.

History indicates that a great piece of land remains The Best investment long term.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, a persevere in prayer.”

(Romans 12:12   New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

Capitalism builds wealth, socialism consumes it in self destruction. I serve an awesome God. Pray for the establishment of honest elections in the USA and globally.

Stay healthy,


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