Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Week 13

2020 – Something Big is Afoot. Are You Prepared?

Two Global Trends and Four Critical Data Points

Four critical data points occurred this past week against a backdrop of two significant global economic forces. With a USA news media that only provides propaganda, none of these events received much notice and the combination received none. However, the combination will have important effects on our economy as we go forward. Here is a brief synopsis.

1. Judge Sullivan v. General Flynn – As critical documents previously hidden by the Department of Justice/FBI (DOJ) became available this spring and summer, the case against General Flynn resembled a balloon meeting a pin. The DOJ moved for dismissal of the Flynn case in Judge Sullivan’s court, but Sullivan refused. Over several months a series of unusual legal maneuverings have occurred including on Tuesday, September 29 when Sullivan again refused to dismiss the case despite the overwhelming evidence. He preferred to argue with General Flynn’s attorney over whether she had discussed the case with President Trump. Her reply was that she asked Trump not to pardon General Flynn.

Here is the significance of this case and that verbal exchange. It is my understanding that if the case is dismissed, then General Flynn will have the right to sue the various bad actors that perpetrated this crime against him that destroyed him. That court case would:
a. Bring into the public arena the facts of the coup including the handwritten notes of the then Attorney General meeting with Obama and Biden showing it was Joe Biden’s suggestion to prosecute General Flynn under the Logan Act which happened.
b. Provide a means for General Flynn to receive compensation for his financial and reputational destruction at the hands of Obama/Biden/Clinton.

If Judge Sullivan can delay this case long enough and Biden gets elected, that will force Trump to issue a pardon to General Flynn, (a) and (b) above will go away, and the cover up is completed. It is important to note that General Flynn’s initial attorneys, the ones that had him plead guilty, were with the same law firm that represented Hillary Clinton in the preparation of the false “Steele Dossier”.

2. Vote Harvesting – Upset about Hillary losing, the Democrats have spent four years pushing “voting reform” legislation in multiple states including Virginia. One of the results is “Vote Harvesting”. Apparently, Project Veritas has video where “Vote Harvesters” describe how they collect ballots and pay the recipient/voter. I read one report that suggested that Representative Ilhan Omar, a member of “The Squad”, is paying $200 per ballot harvested.

Being a capitalist, I realize that the Democrats via “Vote Harvesting” are creating a new business opportunity – a market for votes. In numerous states they have gotten the rules changed so that ballots received AFTER the election are to be valid. Those delays range from 3 days to 10 days. If the rate for a seat in the House of Representatives is $200, what is the rate for a vote for President? Can you hear the auctioneer – “As of election day you are 9,000 votes behind, what am I bid for these 10,000 votes?” With China so actively buying influence in the USA, the “rate” for our government seats will soar.

Virginia is controlled by the Democrats who steamrolled 1,300 new laws over the neutered Republicans. Some voting regulations were changed. Democrats’ love of big government led to Virginia sending out 500,000 ballots to pets and deceased folks along with duplications. Is Virginia the equivalent of central American tin dictatorship?

Since this may be the end of honest elections, it is only right that we should focus on trying to make a profit. My idea is an electronic marketplace where the “Vote Harvesters” are told how many votes their candidates are behind and bid on the number of votes they need to win. The highest bidder gets the “Harvested Votes”. The current unmarked vans that contain bags of cash will be replaced with electronic internet-based dashboards and electronic payments. A ten percent fee on $200 per seat times 500,000 Virginia ballots is $10,000,000. Nice payday.

Perhaps we can charge admission so subscribers can watch in real time. Do you think we can have viewers bet on the outcome? Those are two more possible sources of revenue. Throw in some food and drinks with a tail gate setting and we will have created a new sporting event. Democrats like designer ice cream, maybe we can get some additional revenue from the designer ice cream concessions. This idea needs some polishing, but profit might take some of the pain out of the loss of honest elections.

3. Middle East Treaty between Israel and both UAE & Bahrain – This historically significant treaty has now generated three nominations of President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. The treaty is a result of Trump’s decisions affirming Israel and the need for regional cooperation to contain the terrorism sponsored by Iran rather than USA service men and women. It overshadows both Obama’s nontreaty agreement with Iran that provided Iran with Billions of Dollars they used for weapons and terrorism and Clinton’s agreement where the USA bought Palestinian co-operation with Billions of Dollars paid annually by US taxpayers.

4. Wuhan Virus Update – HHS Secretary Azar gave a detailed update last week. Here is a synopsis of his comments:

a. There are four different vaccines in development, each by two companies.
b. Three of the vaccines are in final stage trials that end in October, the fourth vaccine (the most traditional one) will enter final stage 3 trials in December.
c. Once a vaccine has succeeded in the stage 2 trials, Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” is buying hundreds of millions of dosages of those vaccines so that the drug companies can build their production lines and start producing dosages.
d. Because of “Operation Warp Speed”, if the vaccines are approved by the FDA the dosages will be immediately available.

While the Wuhan Virus is deadly, its overall mortality rate is not that much different than the flu. The vast majority of the deaths are in people over the age of 60 with pre-existing conditions. The economic destructiveness of the Wuhan Virus was radically increased by the manner in which it was distributed by China who refused to share their data on treatment, etc. Faced with an unknown threat of that magnitude, the prudent decision was to shut down the economy for two weeks to allow the medical community to catch up and evaluate the risks, therapeutics, etc.

We have not seen all of the ripple effects from that decision nor the politically motivated ones since. It saved lives and gave the USA medical community the time they needed, but bankruptcies will soar, an enormous number of small businesses have closed, and some major companies are in jeopardy. We will be able to measure the full effect in spring of 2021.

The two global forces that are impacting the economy are The Fed, a huge positive force, and China’s economic reform policies which are failing. With The Fed planning to hold interest rates at zero through 2023 and mortgage rates below 3%, the new home market is on fire. The new home industry impacts about one -third of the economy so it is powering economic growth. Ripple effects include 10% more new businesses being started this year than last year. The migration out of urban areas is fuel on the fire.

Meantime, China is not having much success pivoting their economy from a mercantile state export machine to producing for the Chinese consumer. Command economies fail for this reason. China will fail also. Their banking system is unstable. They have bought a great deal of influence globally and with politicians here. They are dangerous to the USA and the globe.

If you did not watch it on Saturday, watch online the presentation by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn at “The Return”. Just google his name and you should find his 40-minute presentation. It is tough but the best 40 minutes you spend and will give you clarity about 2020. Substitute President Xi for King Nebuchadnezzar and China for Babylon. Then Pray. Often.

“Do you not know that in a race the runners all compete, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win it.”

(1 Corinthians 9:24 New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

Our job is to stay focused on the race. Capitalism builds wealth, socialism consumes it in self destruction. I serve an awesome God. With God on our side, who can stand against us. Pray.

Stay healthy,

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