Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Week 12

2020 – Something Big is Afoot. Are you Prepared?

What is Real?

Perhaps the best business head of the second half of the 20th century was Jack Welch who as CEO led GE from being just a conglomerate to the most successful company in the world. His famous saying was that the most critical step of solving a problem was to first acknowledge that you had one. What he was addressing is the characteristic of complacency – the human desire for stability that leads us to measure what is happening around us by what is happening around us. If everyone is doing it, it must be okay. If it is okay, why change?

That is a particularly dangerous attitude today because “Nothing is the way it appears on the surface”. To illustrate, despite the pain of Shingles, I spend one day a week researching deeds and plats in some county clerk’s office. Last week I headed to a courthouse and was greeted at the entrance by a deputy who informed me I needed to call the Clerk’s office for an appointment.

Having left my phone in my truck, painfully I walked back to the truck and called for an appointment. The young lady that answered asked me when I wanted to come. I replied I was sitting in the parking lot, so I preferred immediately. She asked how long I would need, and I told her I hoped it could be less than 30 minutes. Then she put me on hold and came back to tell me that she could “Fit me in” in a tone of voice that sounded like she was treating me special.

Painfully I returned to the deputy who had been told I was coming, went through security, walked into the clerks’ office, and to the record room. In the record room there were four computers set up, all were available. Intrigued by the absence of hordes, I was there for 60 minutes. Not one other soul entered much less left that room. After locating and printing the information I needed, I went to pay for my copies and made a point of thanking the clerk for “Fitting me in”. Somehow, I did not feel special.

Back in 2014, my pastor indicated from the pulpit her positive feelings about homosexual marriage. I began praying that My Lord and Savior show me His truth. After a lot of prayer, He sent me on an odyssey of research and conversations. Among the many books he led me to read were one by Martin Niemöller, a Presbyterian pastor in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s who initially was a supporter of the Nazi’s but then became an opponent in the late 1930’s and spent much of WW II in prison (Hitler was not amused at Niemoller’s opinion); another by an Italian that as a youngster was a part of the Resistance in Italy, and the third by a German Jew who as a homeless young man joined the Resistance in France.

At the time I wondered about those three books being on the reading list. They did a great job of providing to me an intense understanding of what it was like to have one’s life turned upside down overnight. Brutal experiences.

Since surgery and the onset of Shingles, any movement has meant pain. The only relief has been sitting absolutely still while reading a book or at night with ice packs on the sites of the Shingles in an effort to dull the nerve endings. I have been able to work some but mostly I have tried to manage the pain by sitting still and reading. Not clear headed enough to focus on serious books, I have been reading a series by Sulari Gentil called the Rowland Sinclair Mysteries set in Australia in the early 1930’s. The background is the turmoil being created by the Nazi’s along with communist and fascist agitators.

The radicals in the street today in the USA are using the same techniques used by the Fascist in Italy and Nazi’s in Germany. Violence, abuse, and bullying techniques designed to intimidate everyone else into being quiet. Leaders corrupted by desire for money and power are putting their goals ahead of citizens’ needs Did you ever think you would see this in America? Not me. This is a cultural war and I wish I thought the end was in sight. It is not.

During my convalescence, among the calls I have received was one that stands out. The caller is a registered Democrat in a BLUE state with a position that gives him a lot of insight. He has always shot straight with me and gains nothing by sharing with me his perspective. In fact, this conversation had the tone of someone needing to get something off his chest. I did not ask his permission so I will not give his name. Among his critical points paraphrased in my words:

1. The Marxist and communist realized they could not start a third party and win elections in the USA, so they bought the Democratic Party.
2. The riots have nothing to do with race, it is the Marxists and communists creating the turmoil they need to take over under the cover of the Democratic Party.
3. During Obama’s administration, folks witnessed others receiving huge sums of money from foreign sources with no ramifications so everyone participated. He held out to me several examples including –
a. During Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, he is very confident that Clinton’s Global Initiative received $100 Million by wire from a Canadian Bank at the time of the announcement of the First Uranium sale to Russia.
b. Comey owns a $12 Million estate in Connecticut bought with the $32M he earned with the permission of Robert Mueller who was his boss;
c. Mix in Biden’s Ukraine and China dealings, the Biden family members won huge USA construction contracts in central America, et al.
d. There are also Republicans that have been bought which is why very little actually got done in Congress over the last 12 years.
4. Trump getting elected surprised the Democrats/Marxists/communist and they have not been able to buy Trump, so they HAVE to destroy him or the truth will destroy them.
5. General Flynn’s mistake was announcing that he would audit the intelligence agencies. The Democrats could not allow that to happen so Flynn was destroyed.
6. Judge Sullivan’s travesty in General Flynn’s court case – he is corrupt.
7. The fraudulent ballots are printed, filled out, and being “mailed in”.
8. “My grandfather left the old country with nothing because of corrupt government. The USA was a Christian country with laws. Now I see all around me the same behavior and corrupt government he left. There is nowhere for me to move my family. That means when the average American realizes what has happened under the guise of the Democratic Party, then Republicans will also be in the street and we will have civil war.”
9. I asked, “For whom are you going to vote on November 3?” He replied, “Only God and I will know what I do in the voting booth. But that statement tells you”.

Economically, the USA is having a great recovery from the recession due to the Wuhan Virus. There are large companies (like travel) and small (like restaurants) that are in severe trouble if not going out of business. The full impact will not be known until next spring. There is no need for any additional stimulus. It is fascinating that the Democrats are so consumed by their agenda versus helping the average Joe and Jane. It is indicative of the problem.

The land market is moving but it remains price sensitive. Only the residential market is seeing rapid price increases. The commercial real estate market has begun price discovery with some reports estimating that office and retail buildings have lost as much as 35% of their value. WE will know next spring. The financial markets especially the stock market are in a turbulent period ahead of the election. The Democrats have pushed for mail in ballots often with little regard for vote security. The stock market has never had to handicap this level of fraudulent voting.

The biggest force that will impact the markets now is the election. If Biden and the Democrats win control of the government, the ripple effects and economic turmoil will be overwhelming. Both sides are gearing up for a protracted legal battle. Business does not like uncertainty. No one knows when the uncertainty will end. Do not be complacent and underestimate the perilous time in which we live.

I am sorry for this long blog with little economic data. I struggled with it. But you needed to know about the conversation in time to make decisions about your investments ahead of the election. This Saturday is a National Day of Prayer in Washington, DC sponsored by the Billy Graham organization. Naturally, none of the major networks are broadcasting it but I believe CBN will and maybe some others. If you are not able to tune in, at least get on your knees and join in prayer on Saturday. Only Divine Intervention will save the USA from destruction.

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, and in their eagerness to be rich some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains.”

(1 Timothy 6:10 New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

Capitalism builds wealth, socialism consumes it in self destruction. I serve an awesome God. With God on our side, who can stand against us. Pray hard.

Stay healthy,

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