Important Economic Trends During Anarchy – Part 2 – Week 2

2021 – Let the Games Begin

A Christian Secession – We, the majority, are in this … all by ourselves

Human Life.  The uniquely Christian concept that human life is a precious gift from God is a critical part of our society’s foundation.  Our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are both built upon this unique Christian belief.  It is the genesis of the “Consent of the Governed” being expressed by honest elections and our Bill of Rights. Anyone attacking human life, conception to unassisted death, is playing god. It is a dangerously small step from killing the unborn to killing the infirm as endorsed by Obama.  Playing god includes fraudulent elections, an attack on human life by destroying the God given right of “Consent of the Governed”.  Vote fraud committed by foreign countries is an act of war.  Americans that participate in such an attack have thus committed Treason.

Another critical facet of the value of human life is that anyone who is mentally ill needs professional care.  They do not need to be lied to about their condition by being told they are “normal”.  They know they are not “normal”.  Our society is painfully re-learning that the mentally ill should not be in positions of leadership because bad decisions result.

The Demented Marxists (DM) know they are the MINORITY that stole the recent election from the MAJORITY, so they need fences and a military purged of conservative thinkers.  This week they will attempt to impeach a man from an office he won but no longer holds, “Impeachment for Giggles II, the sequel”.  The actual impeachment will be of the DMs who will be revealed by their votes as mentally ill, traitors, or both.  “Movie night” for the DMs –designer ice cream watching the Chumps being put into their place as peasants to the Global Elites/Deep State.

DM propaganda is shouting that Biden-Harris is a return to “normal”.  This is not “normal”, it is a coup replacing a free, capitalistic society with Marxism.  Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, who the media is attempting to destroy launched his counter-attack called “Absolute Truth”, a two-hour video that summarizes some of the facts about the Stolen Election.  Watch it.

Consent of the governed is important.  Stolen elections mean no consent. There are now three states that have passed legislation that allows that state to ignore Executive Orders and Federal legislation they decide are unconstitutional.  Biden-Harris, our faux administration, and DM control of Congress has existed for two weeks but managed to damage the USA as if it has been two years.

  1. China has sent their official demands to Biden-Harris and been given the following gifts –
    1. Keystone Pipe Line canceled – Now Canada will have to sell its oil to China and Soros will benefit financially. Icing on the cake for China – the USA becomes energy dependent on the middle east and thus economically weaker. Plus higher gasoline prices will damage the average American consumer thus damaging the USA economy.  Count this a triple win for Biden’s CCP partners.
    2. Paris Accords – China is not covered by this agreement which also causes immense damage to the USA economy thus weakening us vs. the Chinese by condemning us to an unreliable and extremely expensive source of energy – renewables. Think Germany.  Count this a huge win for Biden’s CCP partners.
    3. Chinese Advocate appointed to the UN – This gives China a blank check. Huge.
    4. IMF Bailout by American Taxpayers – so the IMF can relieve China of $2 Trillion in bad loans.
    5. Universal Income – To collapse the economy of the USA with income taxes in excess of 50% for EVERYONE or rampant inflation – or better both.
  2. Cancel Culture on Steroids –
    1. Every media company associated with conservative thought and values has been censored by the unholy alliance of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Twitter. Free Speech – a quaint idea that is no longer tolerated by DM.  Exit them.  Subscribe to Epoch Times, WND, Red State.
    2. Trump Supporters – Attorneys in Michigan that represented Trump are facing disbarment, former Trump staff are being sued or banned from employment, and DM leaders such as Pelosi, AOC, and Hilary are openly suggesting forcing Trump supporters into Re-Education Camp. Domestic Terrorists is the code word for Trump Supporters, especially whites.
  3. Politicization of the USA Military – When I traveled Virginia handing out “Remember Benghazi” bumper stickers, I was consistently approached by middle aged men who had been cycled out of the military because they answered “No” when at their re-enlistment interview they were asked if they were prepared to fire their weapons at fellow Americans if ordered to do so. Now, the new Defense Secretary has ordered a 60 day “stand down” so that our military can undergo a cleansing of white supremacists.
  4. Critical Race Theory – The cliff note version of this venom is that all white people are racist and must be punished. Please see the “Politicization of the USA Military above.”
  5. Modern Monetary Theory – This is nonsense masquerading as economic gospel among the DMs who think that the amount of government debt compared to GDP does not matter. Spend as much as you want!  In fact, the result is the destruction of capitalism which leads to the misallocation of resources with the ripple effects of hyperinflation (devaluation of the currency).  The USA has been the Hegemon for almost 100 years which gives the USA Dollar an advantage in the global economy.  China lusts to become the Hegemon because otherwise they face severe economic reckoning due to their massive debt.  Their business partners are Biden and Harris.
  6. Marjorie Greene, a Republican Representative from Georgia, was stripped of her committee assignments by the DMs that control the House of Representatives because of her Non-PC statements. Of course, the DM’s ignored the illegal activities of The Squad, and Eric Swalwell of California mistress was a Chinese spy, and Senator Diane Feinstein’s office a hotbed of Chinese spies.
  7. Wuhan Virus Update – Are you feeling “played” yet?
    1. The WHO (UN agency dominated by China) now says the Daily Infection Rate has dropped 30% over the last three weeks and Johns Hopkins’ seven day rolling average of infections is down 40%. But only 8% of the world’s population has been vaccinated.  Was Biden being installed as faux President the cure?
    2. Now the DM’s say that even once vaccinated Americans must continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, etc. Eventually everyone will ignore the DMs.

Confirming the Deep State exists, the DM oligarchy of powerful government officials and CEO’s,  Biden-Harris is blocking the release of the declassified “Russian Collusion” documents.  The DMs would get hammered by them.  Similarly, the pontifications of Treasury Secretary Yellen are disinformation – the $1.9 Trillion Wuhan Virus bill is just a bailout of Democratic states and funds the CCP/DMs’ wish list.  But the DMs and the Biden partnerships with the CCP will benefit.

Business conversations today sound similar to those at the peak of every business cycle over the last 48 years.  It is eerie.   Our faux leaders are focused on obtaining power and wealth because of their positions and The Fed is funding the deficit spending orgy by buying USA debt and mortgages, called Quantitative Easing (QE) which is a euphemism for “Really Stupid”.

Your early warning “canary in the mine” is the 10-year Treasury.  Last week it touched 1.17% up from 0.65% at the time of the fraudulent election because knowledgeable foreign investors are fleeing.   They know that no government can fund everything for everyone.  The proper role of government is to foster economic growth and then live within the revenue generated by reasonable taxes.  DMs are unable to grasp that reality so we Clingers Deplorables Chumps will pay dearly but the Global Elites will be fine.

Expect increased foreclosures and bankruptcies to hit the real estate and the financial markets.  The current land market – the commercial land market is soft, industrial land will soften under Bide-Harris, residential land is a bubble, and the rural land market is active but price sensitive. Fear is keeping a record $5.9 Trillion in cash in insured bank accounts.  This is the time to increase liquidity.

“The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

(Proverbs 28:1   New Revised Standard Version, Oxford University Press)

A great piece of land remains The Best investment long term short of Marxism.  Capitalism builds wealth, Marxism/Socialism consumes it in self destruction.  Pray for a return to honest elections in the USA.   God is in control.  Men may make plans, but God always wins.

Stay healthy,


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