Conservation Easements – Not a Positive Force in Virginia – Week 7

As a true believer in free market capitalism being the best way to allocate resources, I would like to provide you a very brief summary of some of the most serious negatives associated with Conservation Easement Tax Credits. Here is the last of the six worse negatives:

What is the Definition of Success for the Conservation Easement Program? Is There One?

Will “success” be when all of the undeveloped land in Virginia is under a conservation easement? That would mean no one could use any land in Virginia for anything other than agriculture and forestry use. How does that equate with a growing population?

When will we know when too much property has already been preserved by the Conservation Easement Tax Credits? The Virginia legislators campaigning this fall should be required to stipulate whether they are willing to do the following:

  1. Declare victory and terminate this program and waste of money, and;
  2. Legislate an exit plan for land already in the conservation easement program.

Our state has more important and beneficial uses to which to spend $100 Million per year than on Conservation Easements. If our politicians do not think so, they need to be replaced this November.