Connecting Some Dots Into Useful Economic Information – Week 7

Spotted Owl:

I believe in 1990 a Spotted Owl was on the cover of Time Magazine because the environmentalists were campaigning about its decrease in population. Specifically, the environmentalists demanded action against the nasty timber harvesting industry that was causing the destruction of the Spotted Owl.

Bill Clinton, when he was elected President, received his environmental “bones” by shutting down the timber harvesting industry in the northwestern United States in order to “save the Spotted Owl”.  Economically, the timber harvesting industry was crushed resulting in bankruptcies as whole communities disappeared from the map and people’s lives were totally destroyed all because of the environmentalists’ demand to “save the Spotted Owl”.

One of the ripple effects of that debacle was the shifting to the southeastern United States the demand for pine lumber in our country. But that is another topic for another day.

Apparently, it has now been “determined” by environmental regulators that the Spotted Owl was not being killed by the timber harvesting industry. Most of that industry has disappeared. Instead, they have decided that the Spotted Owl is being killed by the Barn Owl. We taxpayers are now funding professional hunters to kill the Barn Owl in order to save the Spotted Owl.

And someone seriously thinks that is the best use of millions of taxpayers’ dollars? Sad, really sad.

Our next blog series will examine the housing crisis (which is real), its origins, impacts and solutions.