Connecting Some Dots Into Useful Economic Information – Week 6

Is the Truth About the Climate Emerging?

In October, Mototaka Nakamura published a book entitled “The Global Warming Hypothesis Is an Unproven Hypothesis”. While I have not read the book, an article in the Wall Street Journal about the book and Mr. Nakamura, who apparently earned his Ph.D. in Science from MIT and has worked at some amazingly prestigious institutions, states that many of the observations used in the climate warming campaign are based on faulty and inaccurate information.

Similarly, early this month a group of 500 scientists and professionals in the arena of climate science apparently wrote the United Nations stating that there is no climate crisis and spending any money on the issue is imprudent. When asked about the origin of the climate crisis, Mr. Nakamura indicated that politicians, environmental activists and the media are the source of the problem because of their desire to have an issue to drive political contributions and sales of their media.

In other words, the climate crisis is all about power and money.

Our next blog series will examine the housing crisis (which is real), its origins, impacts and solutions.