Connecting Some Dots Into Useful Economic Information – Week 2

Washington Drama:

Reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland”, the current political drama in Washington, DC is surreal. The Democrats in the House of Representatives conducting an inquiry into impeachment “in secret” and “only with Democrat members of the House” is not just odd, it is dangerous.

Perhaps the explanation is they campaigned in 2018 on impeaching Trump and fear not following through, even in a totally suspicious manner.

Another possible political explanation is that the Democrats are massively afraid of what Attorney General Barr and Mr. Dunham have found/will find as they examine what history will call the “Russian Collusion Hoax”.

Normally the economy in general and the land market in particular are apolitical with the exception of elected officials’ attitudes about economic growth and regulations.

It is a mistake to believe that this unfolding drama in DC is not impacting both the economy and the land market. “Tighten up” the cinches of your saddle because this could be a rough ride.

Our next blog series will examine the housing crisis (which is real), its origins, impacts and solutions.