Understanding How “This Time is Different” to Make Great Investment Decisions – Week 1


Repeated so often that “This time, it’s different”, that phrase is completely worn out. But folks, the world has never seen what is evolving in the global economy. This time is amazingly different.

Do not misunderstand me, what has been called Quantitative Easing (QE) is a game that central banks of individual countries have played over the centuries. Without fail, each time those central banks attempted to stop the “funny money” of QE, the result has been consistent. The result was the complete economic collapse in that particular country.

How many times as a young man did I listen to laughter and derogatory comments made about Central and South American countries whose Tin Dictator practiced QE and then pretended that there was not going to be a problem weaning their financial markets off the funny money? Therefore, it was appalling to watch the United States of America play the funny money game. Even worse, we watched the whole world participate in QE.

Now we have a front row seat on a truly unique event in the economic history of the world. The entire global economy, after practicing QE now has two of the largest economies in the world (USA and European) reducing QE. My mind, which normally looks for and identifies patterns and trends, has been full of so many questions:

  1. Is any intelligent being on this earth planning how to make this transition or are we just launching on a hope and prayer?
  2. Is there really a benefit to being the Hegemon?
  3. How does one plan for a total, global, economic meltdown?

Regardless of our politics, based upon several patterns I believe I have identified from my research and analysis this year, if the trends I have identified are accurate this is the point in the movie when we all should get ready to CHEER!

I am overcome with awe and admiration at the decisions that have been made by the Trump Administration regarding the economy and this transition away from QE. Based on my analysis, the economic decisions and the implementation of the Administration and Congress (proving even a blind pig finds an occasional pecan) will be recognized in history as totally BRILLIANT.

My goal with this series of blogs is to share with you some insight so that regardless of your politics you can make the right investment decisions. There are risks and there will be some pain, but this is so awesome I can hardly wait to share it with you.