The Forces that Will Impact the American Economy and Therefore, the Land Market in 2019 – Week 3


Although the blue wave tsunami turned out to be more of a blue ripple, the Democrats now have control of the House of Representatives.

Looking at the economy and therefore the land market, there are two critical things to focus on:

  1. Our Politicians in both parties have no real desire or incentive to actually solve problems. That would actually eliminate their campaign slogans and fund raising.
  2. The Democratic plans of universal healthcare and open borders ignore the mathematical reality that we simply cannot afford their plans. If Democrats raise taxes as they are discussing:

(A) taking every dollar of the upper 20% of American households that by itself would diminish the ability of households to buy goods and services, thereby causing economic recession and

(B) it would not pay for their plans.

In history, we have had equally incompetent politicians. But this may be the first time we have had one political party reflecting the behavior and intelligence of a collection of three year olds.

Legislative turmoil is not a positive for the economy. When politicians are focused on power rather than solving problems to grow the economic pie, bad things happen.