Is the Appropriate Color of Solar – Green or Yellow? Week 5

Question Number 4:

What is the approval process prior to settlement or commencement of the construction?

Because the solar industry is subsidized by us taxpayers, there is a long approval process and intense competition for the subsidies. Not every “potential” solar farm will become a solar farm.

To evaluate a proposal on your land, you need to understand the requisite process and make sure your rights are protected during that process. Please remember, the longer the approval process the more things can change that will adversely affect your transaction.

In evaluating the approval process, inquire about the track record of the party with whom you are working. That will help you understand the probability of success.

It is critical to remember that land is the source of all wealth. Every product that we humans consume originates with land. Not all tracts of land are equal in quality and portfolio management requires every investor to hold some cash for liquidity. But historically, long term the best investment is land.